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Tuesday   11 am – Midnight
Wednesday & Thursday     11 am – 1 am
Friday & Saturday     11 am – 2 am
Sunday        10 am -  Midnight

1700 Park Street N.,      St. Petersburg, FL 33710     727.202.6833


What are Tapas

Popular throughout Spain in bars and restaurants, tapas are appetizers that usually accompany Wine or other Aperitifs or Cocktails.
They can also form an entire meal and can range from simple items
such as olives or cubes of ham and cheese
to more elaborate preparations like cold omelets, snails in a spicy sauce, stuffed peppers and miniature sandwiches.”

Building’s History


The Jungle Prada shopping complex was built in 1923-1924 on an
Indian burial mound. The complex had a large restaurant, several small stores and a gas station. It had a successful speakeasy named “The Gangplank, which became St. Petersburg’s  first nightclub. Count Bassie and Duke Ellington played at the Gangplank and Babe Ruth was married here. During the prohibition era, there was a secret underground tunnel leading from the bay to Jungle Prada, which was used by bootleggers.  It is rumored that Al Capone was part owner of the Gangplank